10 Main Reasons to Switch to Roboforex

The 10 main reasons to switch to Roboforex today, apart from being Regulated Broker by IFSC:

1. Cent Account, ECN Account, Pro Account, Prime

Roboforex is one of the very few Regulated Brokers that offer Cent Account for their customers with reasonably low spreads. ECN is made for Pro and experienced traders and is available.

2. Trade Crypto Currencies in the Weekends

Roboforex will allow you to trade crypto currencies during the weekends, which means your account will still be active 7 days a week!

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3. Free VPS

Roboforex offers free VPS for their customers with very achievable target of 3 lots min. per month. Not only that, but Roboforex offers the lowest latency in the whole market with 0.28 ms only!

VPS is published in a second and the cost will be 5 USD per month if you don’t reach 3 lots by the end of the month calculated in pro rata basis.

4. Safe Wallet

Roboforex offers a safe wallet were you can safely transfer your profits free of charge.

5. Easy and Swift Funds Withdrawal

Roboforex will transfer funds to your Skrill account in 5 - 7 seconds and to your bank account in 2 - 3 days.

6. User-Friendly Website and Dashboard

Roboforex website and dashboard are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

7. Chat Support

Roboforex offers 24/7 chat support with swift response to your queries. You won’t need them though as they have covered everything on their website.

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8. Built-in Rebate Service

Roboforex offers it’s own Rebate service where the trader can claim a percentage of their spread.

9. In the Market for 11 Years!

Roboforex is in the Forex Market for 11 Years, from 2009 until today.

10. Tight Spreads

Roboforex is one of the best Regulated Brokers in the Forex Market. Roboforex is my preferred Broker by far. Switch to Roboforex today.