Bundles Follows Channels Indicator

See how the channels indicator is running in this video?

Green channels mean that Bundles EA will open buy orders as long as the previous close in profit, red channels mean Bundles will open sell orders as long as the previous order close in profit.

Bundles can have buy and sell orders in the same series to close it in profit, this happens when the channel “followed by the EA” turns.

Bundles is Bi-directional Martingale EA, therefore, it is highly recommended to use it only with high balance. Minimum balance depend on several factors such as:

  • Leverage
  • Start lot size
  • Settings (Distance between orders, time frames etc.)
  • Pairs
  • Spread and Slippage

You must run any EA in visualizer before using it on a live account. You can refer to this topic on how to run the visualizer.

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