Difference Between the Start Lot Size Options

As part of your risk management is to reduce the drawdown when trading in the forex market. there are 3 main options to choose from when trading using the investment castle expert advisor.

  1. Fixed lot size
  2. Auto lot size
  3. Volatility based lot size

The fixed lot size option is my preferred option as I feel in control of the lot sizes and I scale whenever I want and ready.

Remember, do not rush when trading in the forex market because the consequences are losing part of your entire capital if you fail to manage the risks.

The Auto lot size is where the robot will choose the lot size based on the size of your equity. The start lot size can be manually edited in the settings and the robot will scale the size automatically.

The Volatility based lot size is based on the volumes, so if the market is slow, the robot will place bigger lots and if the market is volatile, the robot will place smaller lots.

Again, I don’t prefer to leave the size of the lots unattended. These options were made available for you to test and satisfy yourself 100% before you go live.