EURUSD Analysis for the Week

I am sharing the technical analysis of #EURUSD for the week starting 29 November 2021. I’m using the following indicators:

  1. Investment Castle #channels-indicator
  2. #supply-and-demand Indicator

First off, I start my technical analysis with the weekly chart time frame then I scale down to M15.

in the Weekly chart time frame, Selling pressure continues with a retest at D1 support with strong bearish move in all channels. Not yet! Continue …

Daily chart shows a rejection at the D1 support as I mentioned above. Continue …

Local bullish rally until 1.13600 then a pullback with a retest then up to 1.14500. After that we expect a major selling pressure to continue just at the top edge of the falling H4 channel.

Hang on, not yet → go down further …

M15 concludes the big picture. This week is a bullish rally and we should see the correction by the end of the week.

The analysis above follows the basic classic chart patterns shown below:

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