FBS Servers were Hacked and Sensitive Information were Leaked, BUT Read Their Response

I came to know that the servers of FBS, the famous regulated broker were hacked and some sensitive information were leaked!!

Then I contacted their support team and here is the conversation (after obtaining their permission):

Did you expose my sensitive data online? Online trading broker FBS exposes 20TB of data with 16 billion records

I am very concerned and worried.


And the response came after two days as follows:

Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

Commenting on this article we would like to state that FBS is a regulated company, we have been operating worldwide for more than 12 years with a spotless reputation.

The protection of our Client’s privacy is one of the core values of FBS, and we stick to the highest protection standards.

FBS has never had such major accidents, in October 2020 we faced an overheating on the server which affected our logs recording. During the time when we were setting up a new ElasticSearch server, several wrong subnet masks were added accidentally, which led to the possibility to access the server for a very limited number of people, only in a certain part of the world. The issue shortly was found and fixed.
After a serious technical audit, there were no reports about any data being downloaded.

Since the issue involved a very small number of clients, we contacted each client whose data could have been potentially compromised and gave them all the necessary information.

After this issue, we hired additional technical audit companies, more than 6 months ago. FBS Technical support was shifted to a more encrypted VPN, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) was installed, new rules for working with infrastructure were applied and other security measures were also implemented.
During the accident and to the current day, no one has contacted FBS with any questions regarding stolen data.

If we didn’t contact you, your data could not have been compromised.

All client’s information such as data or logs is utterly secured in our system.

FBS is always by your side!

Thank you for contacting FBS support. If you have any other questions, please contact us back by replying to this email or join our LIVE chat.

Have a very nice day!


FBS Support Team

I am confident to keep my accounts running with FBS as they are decent regulated broker. Trustworthy and I did not face issues with withdrawals to date.