Free VPS vs Paid VPS

Some Forex Brokers such as IC Markets and Roboforex offer free VPS provided that your monthly traded lot sizes are more than 3 or 5 lots depending on their terms and conditions. But, have you tried to compare the specs and performance of their VPS with paid VPS?

In short, I’ve tried both VPS and I would say that they are not suitable for any multi-timeframe EAs or indicators. Multi-timeframe based EAs and indicators consume a lot of resources in calcs in different ticks.

Therefore, here is the time to say good bye for free VPS, and time to invest in good VPS if not a dedicated server. Choose a good server, 8 GB RAM is my preference.

I’ve tried and, and in my personal opinion, Chocoping is good and cheap managed server provider and their servers are optimized for MT4 and MT5.

I’m using 2 VPS at the moment:

  1. Free VPS by my Broker (standby server)
  2. Paid VPS by Chocoping (Running server)

No one knows, anything might go wrong with the VPS even if managed, therefore you need to have a standby VPS with MT4 / MT5 setup and ready to take over. And, what I mean here is that you will need to have the standby server(s) up and running without the terminal, but the terminal is ready with the EAs setup and given the respective magic numbers etc.

This is recommended for serious traders with large lots, otherwise, it’s fine to have just 1 VPS. I hope that you find this topic useful, so please leave your comments below.