How to Blow up Your Trading Account Easily?

This can be the simplest and easiest thing to do with your trading account. Blowing up your trading account is easier than you think. Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Trade without knowledge
  2. Go greedy.
  3. Know nothing about the Forex
  4. Trade on random pairs, without focus
  5. Trade XAUUSD without understanding the technical analysis
  6. Trade without knowledge.
  7. Follow any signal without clear justification
  8. Ignore warnings published on the website or in the group
  9. Follow someone who advises to use EA blindly without understanding how it works
  10. Trade without knowledge.
  11. Ask for a set file without backtesting or demo testing
  12. Deposit money you cannot afford to lose
  13. Trade with low deposit and high lot size
  14. Ask questions during a live trading with real money on the EA behavior
  15. Trade without knowledge.
  16. Panic during high drawdowns, which is in fact, relative to your balance. The lower the balance, the higher the drawdown.
  17. Trade with very low leverage and small balance
  18. Rush to trade with real money
  19. Ask members in groups about their opinions without testing yourself.
  20. Trade without knowledge.