How to find candidates to scalp and what trend to follow.. "trend continuation scalping"

How to search and identify trend for “trend continuation scalping”. When a candidate is found then execute entry with channel and support resistance in MT5/4… to find perfect entry.

The search dont stop, during your scalping… new candidates appears as long as you search. Be very selective and dont gamble… Important is to se “lower low” and “lower high” when searchin sell candidates… and opposite for bye candidates.

I myself dont trade pullbacks, because , if I am wrong the price will never come back… with trend continuation entrys, if my entry is little off, then the price almost allways comes my way. It may take som extra hours but it comes back. Dont go with big lot size…Processing: finding candidates to scalp and trend.mp4…

This is a free indicator tradingview …

VERY IMPORTANT! Do not act on only one timeframe alone… you MUST se 6-8 timeframes like you see in the pic above… If you dont see lower low and lower high then the price is resting and or ranging… you dont entry then…distance to moving av not to far
If the price is gone to far away from moving average then you dont entry becouz a pullback may come.

Most important! After entering If you wait to long and it seems like your trade is going in some resting or uncertinty… just close in smaller loss than waiting… if you wait to long your entry conditions is not matching current price action… if you feel that you are comming in a gambling zone and you will loose… if 5 or 15 min TF is doing higher high and higher low… the close and take smaller loss.


Thanks @Drasko very informative

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