ICEA Set File for EURUSD

Today I’m sharing the set file for EURUSD using #ICEA Version 4.7 (MT5) and Version 2.5 (MT4). Minimum required deposit is 10,000 USD on ECN “Raw Spread” account with 0.10 Start Lot Size with 33% return in 3 months.

Optimization was done based on the period of 3 months (From 19 November 2021 to 18 February 2022). 3 Months optimization period is the optimimum as I came to know from several brokers. Hence this set file needs to be re-optimized on 17 May 2022.

I used the Regulated Broker IC Markets as known with the quality of their data using MT5 backtester and visualizer.


Backtest results:

Please read the Risk Warning at the footer of the website before using this set file.

MT5 Set File: ICEA EURUSD.set (16.4 KB) “Contributers are most welcomed to generate the MT4 version”.

Here is a quick quidge on How to load a set file.

Please test the set file with your trading conditions first, and be aware that backtesting results is not a guarantee for the future. Always invest money you afford to lose.

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MT5 Set File with Hedge Enabled:
ICEA EURUSD Hedge.set (16.4 KB)

Hi we are looking for MT4 setfiles ICEA , which section we can find that please

which Timeframe works best this EURUSD hedge set file?

Hi @FXJahan

All Investment Castle EAs read the entry time frame from the inputs. This is to allow you to freely switch the chart to any time frame for analysis etc.

You don’t have to be on M1 chart to force the EA to open the next trade after a minute, as it opens the next trade instantly once the previous is closed. However, there could be a delay of milliseconds or seconds depending on the latency of your VPS.

Hello @FXJahan

That Mean I can load EA with your given set file at any Timeframe. M5 or H1 Timeframe no problem. The profit will be the same if I load the EA in any timeframe.

Exactly that’s right