Investment Castle Legacy EA (Take Control of Your Trading)

As we all know, managing the entry of orders is the key to lowering the drawdown and ending your trading day in profit. Investment Castle EA had two custom indicators for automating the trading direction and closing positions in profit.

Some traders doubt the quality of the data in the backtest, and they consider the backtesting as unreliable! Nevertheless, both options are now available for all traders who like to take full control of their trades and those who try to optimize the settings and let the EA work without interfering.

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For professional traders, they still need full control of the EA to be able to generate more profits with lower DD. That’s were Investment Castle Legacy comes into play with manual trading zones on the chart. Traders can slide the Buy and Sell zones on the chart using the mouse cursor.

You change the direction on a higher timeframe, the EA will follow what you set and will disregard the direction of the indicator as long as the price is within the Buy / Sell zones. Once the price is higher or lower the zone limits, the direction of the indicator will be followed.

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To move the zones, simply double click on any of the edge lines and drag it in the upwards of downwards direction. Buy / Sell zones will control both Entry and Martingale orders. All other functions available in the Investment Castle EA are available in this EA except the News filter, RSI, ADX and MA as they are not adding value to this strategy.

Default settings will publish 50% Buy and 50% Sell zones on the chart. Buy and Sell zones can be disabled or enabled through the dashboard itself.

Try out this new product, I appreciate your constructive feedback in improving all Investment Castle products.

This product is solely available at the market.

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