Investment Castle Martingale Settings

The Investment Castle EA has been programmed to trade using Martingale or Stop Loss or Recovery and can be customized to any strategy the Trader would prefer to use.

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Set the Enable Martingale option to True, and the EA will open Martingale orders to recover any position in loss. Set it to False, and the EA will trade using different strategy based on the following settings.

Martingale Distance is the number of points between two open positions.

Close Last Opposite Martingale If the Price is Reversed

If this option is set to True, the Investment Castle EA will close the open position at Zero once the directoin of the trend is reversed and price returns to where this order was opened based on the Investment Castle indicator, then will open Martingale order in the new direction to recover the previous order closed in loss.

This option is a bit tricky, because due to slippage by the Broker, the EA will struggle to close at Zero, so the position will close in loss. Which should be fine, however, there will be times where the price ranges above and below the open position and the EA will close several order in loss.