Investment Castle Options Explained

This Youtube channel will be the visual source of information about setting the all the parameters and how to optimize the settings of the trading robot for each pairs in the forex market.

We will explore trading strategies available in the EA together and start sharing our thoughts on how to improve this trading robot further.

Please remember
Before starting to use any of the Investment Castle products, you confirm that you agreed to the Risk Warning published on the which details the risk associated with trading with our robot when trading in the forex market.

Now, let’s get started

This Robot has 3 built in indicators

  1. Trend indicator
  2. Support and resistance indicator
  3. Volatility index indicator

You can set the entry to either follow the direction of the indicator or opposite to it from the settings.

You can also set the entry orders to follow one indicator or combine all the indicators together to restrict the EA from placing Sell order at support zone or Buy order at a resistance zone.

In addition, the EA is equipped with RSI, ADX and MA and their respective settings.