Key Levels that price always returns to

Every break of trend big trends or mini trends is a key level that price returns to… almost always…

In the picture below you see breaks of trends… marked by arrows…

If it breaks down then price is going for previous break/key level.

If you get the picture it comes clear when to enter and where to put stop loss and take profit… With IC Support and Resistanse and Chances you are almost robbing the market :slight_smile:

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Specially on H4 and D1 time frames.

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Yes! For me it was an eye opener that a key level is formed at the brek point… Its makes it easier to place trades…

On all timeframes. As I see it the bigger time frame smaller lot and less frequent trades… larger ratio.

If you are after trading 5-10 trades every day then smaller time frame… 1:2 ratio…

1:3 or 1:4 is very unusual with smaller time frames.

My current profile is Chances on M15 with IC S&R weekly and H4

I have added a 200 MA to… it tends to be very powerful moves near and across 200 MA


Great, keep on crushing it.

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