Latest Trading Strategy (Sniper Entries)

Today, I’ve released two of the most important indicators for both MT4 and MT5 platforms after weeks of observing the market behavior and diving deeper in the Price Action. The next challenge was on how to adjust the settings to be suit all scenarios and most of the currency pairs and metals. Again, that align with the Price Action.

The two indicators I released today were:

  1. Trend Line Indicator
  2. Engulfing Candle Indicator

The #trend-line-indicator can form a wedge or a trend line. It can form them in different time frames on the same chart. It will suggest to buy or sell or warn you of possible breakout.

And the #engulfing-indicator will show you the bullish or bearish engulfing in different time frames on the same chart.

Not only that, but the #channels-indicator update was released today by adding a button on the chart for updating the channels by clicking on the button.

The #supply-and-demand indicator is the primary indicator that we must use in our #technical-analysis to achieve sniper entries, and subsequently, floating profits.

This combination of these 4 indicators is very promising after live testing “given that you have some knowledge about the Price Action”.

You can use this combination in your manual trading or using EAs. Give yourself a chance to test them out on a live account and build your own strategy. From there you will come to see the reason the price stops at certain levels and does not continue the trend. You will catch the pullbacks and you will have more confidence in scaling your lot sizes.

Remember to manage the risk when trading, be patient and control your emotions. Always trade with amounts you afford to lose.

I sincerely wish you all the best and successfully trading. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to support the development.


Yes indeed Ahmed :slight_smile: … Very powerful. With support and resistance… when like in the pic engulfing near resistance below red line then I go “Sell” with stop loss above resistance and take profit near support… I Love it :wink:

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Yeah, this scenario demonstrates a breakout, retest and the fall. Lots of pips out there LOL

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With 50% propability you get the pips on winners and get a growing account :slight_smile:

I think there is more than 50% with trendline, engulfing and S&R … Very exciting future.

Thank you Ahmed for your efforts to educate us all.

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All the best bro. Glad to see your comment here.

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