My Trading Setup Proven to be Very Successful (with the set file)

The hard work is for the Combined indicator and the EA, but all you need to do is to have 4 chart windows each on a different time frame.

The long-term signal will be confirmed by 1 or two higher time frame charts. You can set the direction of the EA based on H1 and confirmation or H4 or D1 or W1 or H4 with D1 or W1 or the setup that you see right.

As you can notice, the Combined indicator will also recommend to buy or sell based on complex algorithm.

Set file for MT4:
combined indicator.set (6.5 KB)

Set file for MT5:
combined indicator mt5.set (13.1 KB)

Combined indicator is available at the MQL5 market here:

Let’s have more trading setups to observe:

Uploading: NZDUSD - DOWN.png…


Is the set for the indicator also good in mt5? Which EA are we talking about?
I thank you in advance and wish you a good day.

Leone giuseppe

Load the set file and try. It probably works with MT5 as well. You can use any EA with it

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Ok thanks, I’ll try.
I wish you good work.

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