Reborn EA Backtesting 10 Years

I’ve optimized #Reborn EA to leverage from the built-in hedge option and other parameters for EURUSD for the last 10 years from June 2012 to date and here is the result:

As we can see, Reborn has made 50% profit a year (over 600% in 10 years) with a starting balance of 1,000 USD. This means it should be a plug-and-play-and-forget EA.

I’ve used the Raw Islamic account from IC Markets in this optimization process. However, I strongly recommend you to use 2,000 USD and backtest with the conditions of your borker. Leverage is 1:500.

Set File:
reborn 10years (1.5 KB)

Settings used in the optimization:

Reborn EA for MT5 is available here:

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Reborn EA for MT4 is available here:
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Hi, I bought Reborn EA MT5 version. Can I load the EA with the set file you provided on any timeframe?
Will there be any problem using M5 or H1 in any timeframe? Will the
profit be the same if I load the EA on any timeframe? I can use this set file in Gold. plz, answer.

Load it on any time frame and it will work but as i always say, you cannot use any set file without proper backtesting using your own trading conditions in terms of broker, spread, leverage, lot size, balance etc.

You could see huge profits instantly but that is also not a good sign for sustainable trading.

Please understand the concept of the EA first on a demo account or cent account before dragging it on gold or ECN account.