Reborn is Finally Here

I’ve changed lots of parameters ever since I published this topic to push this EA to survive the last 10 years backtesting besides making reasonable profit “not much, but an amount that makes sense”.

Set files that survived in the last 10 years of backtesting EURUSD with IC Markets.

I chose to trade 1 trade each day only, but you can increase that number to whatever number you feel right with your risk appetite. Load this set file on all the 28 pairs and test this strategy for sufficient time and see how accurate and profitable it will be and feel free to share your comment on this topic.

reborn_grid.set (4.0 KB)
reborn_no_grid.set (4.0 KB)

Reborn EA for MT5 is available here:

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Reborn EA for MT4 is available here:
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Great Work!!
i start test set files now… which TF ? i read on other side 4H and Daily ??

Hello @roger So far on H1

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hi looking forward to reborn mt4 . can you explain the different criteria needed for grid and no-grid versions?

It’s not possible to load a set file on the demo, correct?

Could someone post what parameters are in each of the set files so I can try in the demo?

It is possible, just right click anywhere inside the inputs tab and select load

Using Reborn EA, I optimised GBPAUD from September 2021 to March 2022. I selected a set file with the highest profit to DD ratio trading on 1 minute chart with trend determined by H1. Started trading this set file yesterday and demo account blew today with martingale trading only 1 pair. My observations are that:
Even with the trend indicator on a higher time frame like H1 in this case, if the trend goes against this H1 trend, it could blow the account if margin call is reached before stop loss is hit, as long as the market moves sufficiently against the Indicator (H1) time frame. Would it be possible to filter out and stop adding trades once the lower time frame goes against the indicator time frame e.g. If Indicator (H1) time frame is buy, and say 5 minute time frame changes to Sell, then EA should stop adding any buy trades till 5 minute time frame reverts to Buy? Can we have another setting for lower time frame (that must run on a time frame lower than the main trend indicator time frame), that serves as filter. This would mean that all trades are entered only when both main and lower time frames show the same signal. Additional trades are also opened only when the two time frames agree - This is particularly important when the martingale and recovery settings are being used, as both of these require substantially higher lot sizes to close trades profitably, and as such, trades need to be opened when both short and long term trends are in the same direction to reduce draw down and close trades quickly and profitably. What do you think, Ahmed?

What is your trading balance used here?

Regarding your suggestion, would you please share a few cases to see the success rate of this strategy before implementing in the EA?

$10,000 starting balance

This is best illustrated with the attached screenshot of the 1 hour and 15 minute charts of GBPAUD for today, with the Investment castle indicator on both. You will see that the 1 hour chart was on sell throughout today. However on the 15 minute chart, you will notice an over 100 pip upward move from 15:15 hours chart time. Assuming the 15 minute was being used as filter, the EA would have stopped taking any sell trades until the same 15 minute chart signal changed back to sell at exactly 19:00 hours. Instead, the EA added the following sell trades 1.3 lots at 15:16 hours; 2.47 lots at 15:18 hours; 4.7 lots at 15:21 hours and 8.93 lots at 15:24 hours. As a result my demo account margin called at 15:34 hours as the market kept moving higher. My suggestion is not rocket science but simply to use multiple time frames as basis to enter all trades in that both smaller and longer term time frames must agree in order for any (both initial and subsequent) trades to be entered. I volunteer to make myself available to test this once you have coded a demo upgrade. My suggestion will not make Reborn a holy grail but will reduce the draw down and possibly eliminate margin calls. Please note that this is exactly how a professional trader will trade in that once he noticed that the short term trend had started to move in the opposite direction, he would either close the trade, wait for it to hit stop loss BUT certainly will not enter any new trades in the opposite direction

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Thanks for the suggestion, will add it in the next coming update. Scheduled for 2 days

Thanks for considering my suggestion for the next update. I did not want to go on with further suggestions since I was not certain if the main suggestion (The EA to always trade with the major trend using multiple time frames) would be acceptable to you. What follows from this is that there will always be trades opened in the direction of the major trend, that will remain open either when the minor and/or major trend changes - what do we do with these open trades that are now in the “wrong” direction? Rather than wait for them to hit the stop loss, may I suggest that immediately the trend changes, these open trades are fully hedged/locked to freeze the open loss, meaning that the EA has a much smaller amount to recover as the stop loss will not be hit. The EA will then recover this hedged open loss once both minor and major trends are in the same direction. EA will also handle the loss recovery in the same way that it currently does but this time it is a hedged/locked loss and not a closed/realised loss. This approach will then keep the EA always trading in the direction of the major trend (as they say the trend is your friend). It will also keep draw down as low as possible particularly if the minor trend is based on lower time frames (probably not lower than 5 minutes or 3 minutes so as not to have so many hedges - Optimisation can help determine the best combination of time frames). The reason for this approach of fully hedging/locking the loss is that the EA can use some of the already open hedged trades for the recovery process, meaning that less margin is used when compared to having to close all the open trades and realise a loss when the trend changes. Please consider and let me know your thoughts too. Thanks.

The results after your suggesstion @ceo567

Set File for Version 2.0 MT5

Graph looks good. Is there any improvement in Net profit and Max draw down?
Please provide comparison of (a) Net profit before and after V2 and (b) Max draw down amount and % before and after??

You will have the update and you can compare as you wish.

ok. Thanks. Ran the same parameters on the Version 1 that I have and this is what the graph

looks like

Ok so we can say that adding a high time frame improved its performance.

GBPUSD V2.set (4.1 KB)

GBPUSD graph from Version 1 using the same parameters