Scalping M2 - Low spread pairs

Made some profit :slight_smile: yesterday using this strategy…

  1. Very big risk. Practise on demo
  2. Never bye if price is below SMA 21 or SMA 21 is below SMA 200
  3. Wait for the wicks… and watch MACD, MACD must be abowe signal line rising. (trend strenght increasing)

MACD is not to be used as signal… only confirmation that trend is on your side…

AND MOST important… dont trade on news… you must watch calender when important news is comming.

IC support and resistanse is very nice … you then know where you are…

Price action… Hammer, Rising star is easy to se… watch the time and hit bye when candle close… or 1 sec earlier :wink:

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This trading strategy looks very promising mate. I will test it this week.

I am going to trade this for a while :slight_smile:

If you go m5 or even m15 and count the pips on US30 or USTEC and using stop loss… it shure looks promissing… Biggest enemy is inpatience and controlling myself …

I have put this together from various sources… a combination of what I hace watched.

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Very nice with trendline and S&R :wink:

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How are you doing with this strategy?