The Best Forex VPS for Expert Advisors

Whether your home internet speed is extremely fast and your PC is one of the top, you still need a VPS to run your Expert Adviros or Automated Trading Robots. Otherwise, you will need to move your PC to be next to your broker to reduce the Latency.

VPS runs 24/7. Effectively, you will need it 24/5. Your location would be in any case far from the servers of your preferred broker, so your latency would be much higher than the latency provided by your VPS provider.

We chose Forex VPS as The Best Forex VPS Provider for Expert Advisors or Automated Trading Robots After Testing for 5 Months. Reliable uptime and Low Latency Below 3 ms.

Their support team was found helpful and you wont need them anyways, because the process is just easy.

We will take you through the process of subscribing to their service and connecting the VPS to your iOS devices.

  1. You need to click on this link and enjoy the discount Forex VPS
  2. Choose a server that is suitable for the number of charts, we recommend 2 GB RAM as minimum for running 1 MT4 / MT5 platform with 1 chart.
  3. We highly recommend the 4GB VPS. It’s worth every penny.
  4. Place the order, pay then wait for 5 to 10 minutes until you receive a notification email that your VPS is ready.
  5. Connect to your VPS using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Software / App from your Mac / iPad / iPhone / Windows using the IP address and Password sent to your email.
  6. It will open a window where you can control your new VPS, it looks exactly like the Windows installed on your PC. Their VPS is optimized for running the Forex Trading Platform MT4 / MT5. Simply download the platform from the website of your preferred broker and install it on your VPS.
  7. We recommend this Regulated Broker for their low spread, high leverage and also they offer cent and micro accounts for small balance.
  8. Load the Expert Advisor to the chart. You may need to connect to market to install it from there on MT4 / MT5.
  9. Here is the latency from their servers in London to Forex VPS:

Now, you have the MT4 / MT5 installed on your VPS, congratulations.

Connect it to your mobile phone / tablet and enjoy seamless control over your VPS and Expert Advisor.