The Magic Template File for Forex Scalpers

Here is the template file I personally use it for scalping, simply, any pairs. I enclose the template file for each time frame for you to choose from. The higher the time frame, the higher the accuracy, the higher the reward and the higher the risk.

You must have the Investment Castle Channels and Supply and Demand indicators installed for these template files to work. These template files are created for MT5.

Chart time frame must match the template file you will load on the chart. For example, for D1 template, you must choose D1 chart as shown below:

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 10.44.19 PM

Template files are replaced by set files instead for each indicator included in this zip file:

S&D + (10.8 KB)

If you want the supply and demand zones to be filled with color instead of plain boxes, you can change it from the indicator settings.