The Squeezer Indicator is Here

The Squeezer indicator is meant to reflect the pull backs in the trending market. The Squeezer indicator simply draws ascending lines with Sell signal in the downtrend and descending lines with Buy signal in the uptrend to catch the pullbacks and sniper entries. This is a common successful trading strategy being used by many successful traders, and the good thing about this strategy is that it works with all time frames. The difference is in the take profit level between them.


Buy / Sell signals are triggered at the close of the current candles above / below the ascending or descending line.

This indicator was created to publish meaningful signals to your mobile app or on the terminal on your desktop as simple as “Symbol name - Time Frame - Direction”.

To know more about this strategy, please refer to the video below from the “Trader DNA” channel.

The Squeezer indicator is available in the MQL5 market

Buy Squeezer MT4 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Buy Squeezer MT5 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

very good indicator!

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