This EA is a Dream that Cannot be True Unfortunately, Here is the Reason Why!

I developed this EA and worked hard on improving it for weeks, then decided to stress-test it using different modeling types in MT5:

I basically used IC Markets History.

1 min OHLC:

Every Tick Modeling:

This EA is one of many EAs I developed and decided to retire them since the strategy used is not sustainable.

To conclude, the Every Tick modeling is the most reliable. The 1 min OHLC misses many SL and TP from the history. I can confirm that because I tested the EA on more than 30 pairs including gold and silver and the most successful set file on 1 min OHLC modeling did not survive for a few days.

It is worth noting that I’ve tried everything you could imagine such as reversing the trades and the entire strategy conditions, but no luck.

I will keep on implementing new strategies in the EAs. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.