Top-down Analysis

Top-down analysis generally refers to using comprehensive factors as a basis for decision-making. The top-down approach seeks to identify the big picture and all of its components. These components are usually the driving force for the end goal. #knowledge

Top-down analysis is one of the common problem solving techniques and is being tought in the PMP. The straight application for top-down analysis in the forex marker is when you start your analysis with the Mn → W1 → D1 then stop here if you are using EA where you control its directions. #knowledge

Draw your trend lines / use the Investment Castle Combined indicator to draw them accurately for you. Check the trend of the Daily TF then set the directions accordingly.

Repeat this simple process with all pairs. The next time you will need to repeat this process for changing the directions could be after weeks.

Most importantly, trust yourself, trust your analysis and the indicator. Do not scale down below D1 or H4. Hold yourself from checking your account continuously and enjoy your life while the EA does the job on your behalf.