Very Promising Strategy using 3 Indicators

I'm pleased to announce the Spots Indicator which you can use it for confirming Entries and Exits of your trades based on the common candlestick patterns such as: engulfing, hanging man, doji etc.

Spots indicator will form part of this unique trading strategy which I will explain in detail down below. Let’s get started…

The combination of these 3 indicators will draw objects on your chart based on the price action. They can send you individual alerts every time a signal is initiated by any of the indicators used herewith

#Indicators I’m using in this strategy:

  1. Trend Lines
  2. Supply and Demand
  3. Spots Indicators

The power of these indicators is that they rely on the analysis of different time frames, and that’s what you will see on the chart.

You can download them from the mql5 market from here:

Buy Investment Castle Supply and Demand customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems
Buy Investment Castle Trend Lines customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems
Buy Spots customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems
Buy Spots MT4 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Any strategy that you see on the web requires proper testing before you invest your money.

We are on M15 chart, so any signals by the Spots indicator will mean a pullback, but not change in the trend direction. Pay attention to the strength of time frames, the higher the time frame, the stronger it becomes.

The last Sell signal that you see on this chart is due to 3 signals as plotted on the chart. One signal from the supply and demand, another from the spots indicator and the third is from the trend lines.

It is worth noting that none of these indicators repaints

The Sell signal here does not mean it is a strong Sell signal because it is based on M15 time frame, so, I will consider it as a pullback since the trend line upper line shows “Possible breakout”.

Strong signals indicated by Spots indicator will have Buy/Sell tag below the text. But, you need one or two more confirmations before entering a trade.

In the circled signal, we can see Buy tag by the Spots indicator + the price is at a demand zone + the price reached H4 trend line. These are strong signals to Buy from this level.

#Spots indicator settings:

You can enable / disable any of these signals from the indicator settings. However, the set file I am attaching to this topic is the most reliable one I found. Have it tested and share your thoughts below.

Below is a video using the visualizer showing the Spots indicator in action:

Set Files:
supply and (1.0 KB) (919 Bytes)
trend (976 Bytes)


Spots indicator in action with trend lines and supply and demand. Huge profits, perfect entries.

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Top - Down analysis + #spots-indicator → analysis that makes sense :smiley:

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Hi Ahmed! Great work! Thank you!
Is there any EA with such strategy ?

Reborn EA v1.4 itself

May be I didn’t get the idea quite well, but my demo test of Reborn EA does not show such swing trades, like on the screen above. I’d like to test spots entries on trendlines and supp/dem levels. I like this strategy and would be happy to get some backtest results in order to be sure I can use it with high probability. Pls. advise.
I already have all three indicators purchased, by the way.

This strategy uses indicators not Reborn EA

Sorry, Ahmed. May be I have to clarify my question: is there an EA, which uses a strategy of spot entries at trendlines and support/resistance levels? I also find this strategy very promising and I’d like to backtest it on an EA, if possible.

I’m working on Spots EA at the moment yes there will be, but not sure how the results are going to be.

I will share the update once it is ready.

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Have a look at this setup using the Investment Castle Trend Lines + Spots indicators. See why the Hammer pattern was formed by Spots indicator? That’s because the price was crossing the H1 trend line.

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for sure it looks really a good combination of dynamic support/resistance levels with confirmation of a price action. To be more solid in such a model one would need a backtested winrate figure of different candle stick patterns as they probably have different probability. Another question would be a stop loss placement. It’s always a painful sutuation when you get stopped out only to see market reversal in the direction of your closed position. So some invalidation signals would be great to backtest as well.

That’s easy, do this:

  1. Your main direction is the trend of D1, so the price will always follow the BIG PICTURE
  2. Be generous when the market is volatile, because BIG BOYS will seek to destroy the small accounts of retail traders by fake breakouts that will likely touch their SL.
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If this trend line was D1, the pullback is likely to be much bigger than H1 and if W1 will be even bigger than D1 and so on with Monthly.

Spots indicator for MT4 is released!

Buy Spots MT4 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems